Welcome To ICE-T Phones

Proceed no further because you have reached your destination. ICE-T Phones is a one of its kind mobile plan provider company that works closely with top tier mobile networks of UK to offer no credit check mobile phone contracts to citizens across the whole country. We believe in equality, therefore, we offer all kinds of mobile deals for everyone without the discrimination of credit checks. Right from the beginning, we have helped thousands of people with bad credit score clinch a good mobile contract without the hassle of credit checks. We are one of the very few companies in UK that have established themselves as a trusted no credit check mobile phone company.

What’s our purpose?

ICE-T Phones came into being with the sole purpose of providing equal opportunities to everyone when it comes to getting approval for a mobile phone contract. In today’s technological and highly advanced era, a mobile phone has become a man’s absolute necessity. It is being used as a primary means of communicating, socializing and surfing all over the world; therefore we find it downright unfair to deprive someone of such privileges just because their credit score is not so good. We have thus partnered with various UK network providers to help you clinch a mobile plan without the hassle of credit checks. With sheer determination and lot of hard work as our back, we progress forward day by day providing our customers with finest services and variety of mobile plans and deals from which they can freely choose the one that fits their circumstances perfectly. See more info at our About Us page.

What sets us apart from others?

ICE-T Phones is not your average no credit check mobile phone provider. What sets us apart is our highly qualified and experienced staff that works diligently to make your experience with ICE-T Phones an excellent one. We believe in keeping our clients fully aware of all the proceedings, therefore, our staff guides the customers from the very beginning and enlightens them with each and every detail before entering into the contract. The thing behind our popularity that has soared beyond the roof is our affordable plans, designed to cater all sorts of customers. Our primary aim is to make a difference in the lives of our customers no matter how bad their credit score is and giving their needs a priority over everything else.

Why you should opt for us?

You won’t find a better option than ICE-T Phones to get a no credit check mobile phone contract because:


As we mentioned before, we believe in equality, therefore, we do not discriminate on the basis of people’s credit score. Our services are open to everyone.

Affordable Plans

We offer the most affordable and flexible mobile deals and that a wide variety of them you can easily compare different deals and choose the one that suits you.

100 percent approval rates

We give you 100 percent guarantee that your application will be approved no matter what your credit score is.

Approval in no time

What sets us apart from other no credit check mobile phone companies is the fact that we help you get a free quote within minutes and get your application approved within a few hours.

Customers over everything

We are highly professional and our mantra at ICE-T Phones is customers over everything. We treat all our customers with utmost respect and always go out of the way to make sure that our customers leave us satisfied and happy.

Getting an approval at ICE-T Phones

To get approval at ICE-T Phones is no big issue. In fact, it is the simplest process ever. Since we understand that you are here because you are tired of tedious procedures and prolonged credit checks, therefore, we don’t bring up petty issues that might waste your time and get straight to business. You don’t even need to submit your credit score report with us. All you need to do is apply and wait for our representative to contact you, review your application and approve it.